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Alibaba Game UX Flow





I designed and take in charge of the user flow for mini commercial game in Taobao. In this project called AE38 Gotham City, and I take in charge of the game user Journey Map and User Persona. The main goal is to attract large amount of players and users to purchase and collaborate with the online E-commerce stores to sell products into the game.



Exclusive In-Game Items and Customization Options


Integrated E-Commerce Storefronts


Community and Social Features


Streamer and Content Creator Support


Dynamic In-Game Events and Seasonal Promotions

User Persona

People with e-commerce experience background and love online shopping

Name: Alex Thompson
Age: 25
Occupation: Software Developer
Location: San Francisco, CA

Smiling Portrait

Name: Sarah Johnson
Age: 30
Occupation: Marketing Manager
Location: New York, NY

Gaming Habits:

  • Spends 20+ hours a week gaming

  • Favors immersive RPGs and strategy games

  • Active on gaming forums and social media groups


  • Find games that offer deep engagement and storylines

  • Earn in-game rewards and achievements

  • Connect with other passionate gamer


  • Limited free time due to work commitments

  • Needs to balance gaming with social life and fitness

  • Motivations:

  • Competitive spirit; enjoys leaderboard rankings

  • Interested in exclusive in-game items and perks

  • Drawn to games with a strong online community

Gaming Habits:

  • Plays games to unwind after work

  • Enjoys puzzle games, casual simulation, and social games

  • Plays on mobile devices during commute and breaks


  • Relax and have fun without investing too much time

  • Discover games that can be played in short bursts

  • Find special deals and promotions within games


  • Limited patience for complex game mechanics

  • Prefers not to spend too much on in-game purchases


  • Enjoys collecting and customizing avatars or virtual spaces

  • Attracted to games with regular updates and seasonal events

  • Values recommendations from friends and social media

"I love earning exclusive items that showcase my achievements. Customization options make the game feel more personal and engaging."

Alex Thompson, CA


Based on the user persona research, several key insights and actionable conclusions can be drawn to effectively attract and engage a diverse player base and foster collaboration with online e-commerce stores.

Diverse Engagement Strategies:

Insight: Different player personas have varying motivations and preferences in gaming experiences.

Conclusion: Implement a range of engagement strategies, such as exclusive in-game items, dynamic events, and social interaction features, to cater to the diverse needs of enthusiastic gamers, casual shoppers, and social influencers.


Customization and Exclusivity:

Insight: Players highly value personalization and exclusivity in their gaming experiences.

Conclusion: Offer unique and customizable in-game items, exclusive merchandise, and special promotions to enhance player satisfaction and loyalty. This also creates opportunities for e-commerce collaborations that appeal to players' desire for uniqueness.


Integrated E-Commerce Solutions:

Insight: Seamless integration of e-commerce within the game can enhance the player experience and drive sales.

Conclusion: Develop integrated e-commerce storefronts that allow players to purchase real-world and in-game items conveniently. Collaborate with popular brands to offer special deals and themed merchandise, creating a symbiotic relationship between the game and online stores.

Community and Social Features:

Insight: Strong community and social interaction features are crucial for player retention and engagement.

Conclusion: Build robust community features, including in-game chat, forums, leaderboards, and social media sharing options. These features will foster a sense of belonging and encourage players to engage more deeply with the game and each other.


Support for Content Creators:

Insight: Content creators and influencers play a significant role in promoting games and engaging audiences.

Conclusion: Provide specialized tools and features for streamers and content creators, such as streaming overlays and viewer interaction mechanics. This will help attract influencers who can drive game visibility and player engagement.


Dynamic and Timely Events:

Insight: Players are drawn to games that offer fresh, dynamic content and seasonal events.

Conclusion: Implement dynamic in-game events and seasonal promotions that align with real-world holidays and themes. These events should offer time-limited challenges, exclusive rewards, and collaboration with e-commerce brands for themed merchandise, keeping the game exciting and relevant.

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